Seeds to Cilantro

20130223-224046.jpgThe whole reason I started this blog was to capture the little and simple things in life that bring so much joy to me. And so often, those are the things we take for granted. Food just happens to be one of those things. What a blessing that we can actually grow our own food. I must admit I am a loyal watcher of Twin Cities Live, a local talk show. Host Elizabeth Ries is always inspiring viewers to learn about their food, to be innovative and find new ways to do things. Her blog, Home to Homestead, touches on all of these things.

As you may have remembered from one of my past posts, I was attempting to grow some poppies, but they were more stubborn than I anticipated. But when I went to Target this week and was rummaging through the dollar section yet again, I was pleasantly surprised.

cilantro1A cilantro grow kit! Cilantro is one of my absolute favorite herbs to cook with, so I got straight to work!

cilantro5There they are, the seeds all nestled in the soil. Then a lid goes over them and it all acts as a mini greenhouse.

cilantro3And there you have it. My cilantro seeds waiting for some sunlight on a cold, Minnesota winter afternoon. PLEASE grow!


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