DIY Photostrips

I’ve been seeing these Instagram photostrips  floating around Pinterest. I thought they looked super cool, but I don’t have the luxury of Photoshop to make them. I probably won’t be bringing them into Kinkos or cutting them super precise either. But I did some searching around Google for similar projects and discovered that I could just […]

Quotes and Canvases.

I really do think Pinterest has turned me into a craft fiend. This weekend involved another trip to Michael’s to try a new project. I wanted something that was fairly simple, so I decided to try these quote canvases that I thought looked cool. Not too spendy to make either. Let me just say, the first […]

Feelin Crafty

I usually don’t make crafts because I don’t always have the time, but being on Pinterest has just made me see how easy some crafting projects can be. I kept coming across these DIY coasters and figured it would be a good weekend project now that it’s getting cold outside. The steps are pretty simple […]